Friday, June 14, 2013
vs 2012 express for web
I thought I was done blogging about VS 2012 for now, but I decided to start messing around with MVC 4 this week, so now I've gone ahead and installed VS 2012 Express for Web. I was kind of hoping that the install wouldn't take that long, since one would assume that most of the components would already be on my machine, from VS Express for Desktop. But no. It took more than an hour to download and install everything. And I had to update NuGet in Express for Web, even though it was already up to date in Express for Desktop. And I had to apply the RemoveAllCaps fix again too. So I'm guessing that there's less overlap between the Desktop and Web products than I would have hoped. But that's OK -- I've got plenty of hard drive space on my ThinkPad!

Meanwhile, Visual Studio 2013 has been announced. That was a bit of a surprise, since I'd assumed that the next major version would be VS 2014. There's some pretty neat stuff in VS 2013, though a lot of it likely won't be applicable to anything I'm doing at work or at home right now.

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