Tuesday, April 30, 2013
TFS Scripts
I'm definitely not a TFS genius, but I've written a few scripts that have proven helpful in dealing with some of the issues that come up with version control.
First, here's a simple one. This just automates a simple TF.EXE command to show the last 50 check-ins in our project. This particular command opens a GUI window to show the output.

Second, here's one to show the TFS status. This command, unlike the previous, sends output to the console, so I'm piping it to Notepad++, so I can see it there.

And third, here's a somewhat more complicated one. This one allows you to diff two changesets, and pipes the output to Notepad++. But, if there's an error, it instead shows a "press any key" message, so you can see the error in the console window. Notepad++ has syntax highlighting for diff files, so the output is reasonably nice-looking.

This pretty much concludes the overview of my utility scripts that I started a few days ago. I hope it was helpful to someone. If not, at least I've got them documented now, so if I lose them again, I know where to look!

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