Sunday, February 10, 2013
I jailbroke my iPhone on Friday, using evasi0n. (Apparently, I am one of many!) The process was fairly simple, and there haven't been any negative side-effects, so far. I've been pretty happy with my iPhone, but there have been a few, fairly minor, things that I've wanted to do, but that weren't possible with normal Apple-approved apps. Now that I'm jailbroken, I can fix a few of these little items.

First, I've always wanted to have more useful info show up on the lock screen. I played around with both IntelliScreen and LockInfo this weekend. I'm liking LockInfo a bit more. Intelliscreen can give you access to quite a lot of info on the lock screen, but I really don't want that much, so LockInfo seemed a better fit for me. Mostly, I just wanted weather info. I always check the weather before I leave the apartment in the morning. Now, I can do that without unlocking the phone. A minor thing, but nice.

I've also got f.lux installed, which is kind of nifty. And SBSettings, which is pretty useful. And BiteSMS, which is a bit of an improvement on the standard iOS SMS app.


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