Wednesday, January 09, 2013
I just stumbled across this article by John Jackson Miller, talking about the end of Comics Buyer's Guide. I had a subscription to TBG (as it was called at the time) back when I was in high school. I didn't save those issues, as it came out every week, and was mostly ads, so there didn't seem much point. But there was some good content in there, from people like Don & Maggie Thompson and Cat Yronwode. And some nice covers by folks like Terry Beatty.

I let my subscription lapse at some point, but I picked it up again and read CBG faithfully for quite a few years, before letting the subscription lapse again a few years back. Even though I hadn't been reading it lately, it's sad to see it go. I actually think I learned a lot about a number of subjects unrelated to comics from CBG, mostly from Don and Maggie's writing. CBG was always very well-edited and well-written.

I see that Maggie is now writing for the Comic-Con blog. And other former contributors have also been blogging at various sites -- John Jackson Miller has The ComiChron, Mark Evanier has News From Me, Tony Isabella has his Bloggy Thing. So I still get to read stuff from some of the best writers who appeared in CBG over the years. But I'll miss the good old hard-copy version.


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