Saturday, November 03, 2012
Sandy follow-up and more
I got cable service back yesterday, so I'm pretty much back to normal, at least as far as utilities are concerned. My goals for today were modest -- I just wanted to get my laundry done, pay some bills, run a couple of errands, and then relax and watch some TV.

At work, over the last couple of days, we've been working on a web site to allow people to search for open gas stations in the area. Getting gas has been a huge problem here in NJ since the storm. The web site is live at now. Unfortunately, it's been popular enough that we had to make some adjustments, lest the site take down our main web server. Not really what I wanted to be doing today, but not a big deal either. In hindsight, we should probably have put the thing up on AWS, on a self-contained EC2 instance. Live and learn, right?

Meanwhile, I decided to take a shot at upgrading my main desktop computer (here at home) to Windows 8. I was originally going to go through and uninstall some old software first, but in the end, I decided to just start the upgrade and hope for the best. I didn't even do a backup first, which is something I may regret later. Either way, it's running right now. Previous experience from my laptop upgrade would lead me to believe that it'll take an hour or two to finish.

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