Friday, July 13, 2012
Comic-Con Day Two
So, after getting in from W00tstock after midnight last night, I had a bit of trouble getting started this morning, but a nice breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee helped. I got to the convention center a bit after 10am again, and walked right in. Wandered the floor again, for about an hour, and bought a few more random books. I've been trying not to buy too much, but I think I'm going to wind up having to check a separate bag full of comics on the way back home, as usual.

I went to a Mike Mignola panel, which was pretty cool. I'm way behind on my reading, so I didn't even know that Hellboy was dead. I think I'm about two or three years behind on Hellboy/BPRD stuff. I actualy would like to catch up (as opposed to some other books, where I'm OK with having missed a lot, and don't really intend to pick them up again). I have maybe a year's worth of actual comics waiting to be read, then maybe another year's worth of stuff on my iPad. Once I catch up with the stuff I already own, I'm not sure if I'll just keep buying digital, or switch to buying trades.

After the Mignola panel, there wasn't really much else I was too excited about, and likely to be able to get into. So I set off to wander the streets a bit. There's a lot of stuff going on outside the convention center this year. I dropped by Trickster first. That was basically just a room full of indie books. Some cool stuff, but I didn't buy anything. Then, I found the spot at the far side of the new pedestrian bridge where they had a few random food trucks and other stuff set up, including a Norton truck. (Not sure I'm enthusiastic about computer software companies encroaching my Comic-Con. I don't really want to think about that stuff while I'm on vacation, thanks!)

The con shuttle bus that goes back to my hotel leaves from that spot too, so I decided to give up for the day, and head back to the hotel, even though it was only around 2pm. So I'm back in the hotel typing away now. I need to get back downtown later for the Nerdist thing at 7pm. Until then, I think I'm going to rest up and get dinner. I was originally thinking I'd just hang out at the con all day, but I think I'm getting too old for that!

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