Thursday, June 07, 2012
Since I'm doing more and more PHP development, I've been spending a bit of time trying to figure out if I can put together a decent development and debugging environment. Up until now, I've just been using Notepad++ (on the PC) and TextMate (on the Mac).

I've switched over to Komodo Edit on both platforms now, and that works pretty well. To do debugging, you need to spend $300 on Komodo IDE. But Komodo Edit does a lot, including auto-completion, syntax checking, and the ability to drill down into function definitions.

I like the idea of having a debugger, of course, so I decided to explore a couple of free IDEs that would support that. Netbeans looks nice, but it's pretty heavy. Eclipse PDT is a bit better, but still kind of bloated. I think I may have to spend the $300 on Komodo IDE.

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