Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Dark Horse
I've bought a few digital comics via the Comixology iPad app over the last year, but I hadn't bought any through the Dark Horse app until today. I just bought the new Groo mini-series (which apparently came out in print in 2009), and a Classic Usagi Yojimbo mini-series, which may be a digital-only release. The bundle pricing on these books is pretty reasonable, but you can only buy the bundles through the web site, not the app.
I've found myself reading comics on the iPad a lot recently, mostly while I'm on the train. I should really be working my way through the Programming iOS 4 ebook that I started a while ago, but I've been finding that my brain isn't really up for that sometimes.
One interesting comic I've been reading via Comixology recently is Vision Machine. The whole three-issue series is completely free. It originally came out just about one year ago, and there was a panel about it at last year's NYCC, moderated by Andy Ihnatko.

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