Thursday, September 15, 2011
many things
I feel like things have gotten a little out of control lately.  I've been letting non-essential paperwork pile up at home. (Still paying all the bills on time, of course.) And there have been various minor irritants in my life that are making me a bit cranky and jumpy.  (For instance, the nighttime Main St. repaving project that's been going on right outside my window, and the daytime parking lot repaving project that's made it hard to find a place to park after work, and other stuff like that.)
I've been working this week a bit on "clearing the decks," to the extent that I can.  I've got my old NMS 401(k) rolled over into Merrill Lynch. (That's a long story that I won't go into here.) I'm getting my GMail inbox under control (with the help of Other Inbox). And I think I'm about ready for both my NYU iOS dev class, which starts next month, and NYCC, which takes place next month.
I've been slacking off on keeping up with my GTD lists, which I generally keep in Backpack, but I think I'm getting them in shape now.
So, I guess I'm doing OK.  I still kind of feel like I need to go on some kind of zen retreat for a few days and find my center. Or something like that. (I should mention that the link above was just found with a quick Google search.  I have no idea if it represents a genuine, legitimate Zen Buddhist organization. Looks legit, though, right?)


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