Sunday, June 19, 2011
ten years
I'm scheduling this entry to auto-post on June 19, 2011 at 8pm. I started this blog on June 19,2001, so this will be my tenth anniversary of blogging. Here's a link to the June 2001 archive page.

Looks like I was talking about PC Expo a bit. There's a blast from the past. Are there any tech trade shows still happening in NYC? I can't think of any, but then again I'm probably out of the loop on that kind of thing right now.

Let's see, what else was going on...
Okay, that was a pretty random list.  I don't suppose I have any point to make, other than marking the fact that I've been consistently blogging for 10 years.  I've never written anything really substantial here, but I've tried to write in complete sentences, usually, and I've tried to post stuff that other people might find useful or amusing, if they were to somehow stumble across this blog.


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