Wednesday, January 12, 2011
goodbye, eMusic
I finally went ahead and canceled my eMusic subscription today. Looking back at 2010, I only managed to get on there and download stuff four times, about 12 albums total. Given that I'm paying the monthly fee whether or not I actually download anything, that's a bunch of money down the drain. Sometimes, if you don't download anything for awhile, they credit you with a free month, but that only partially covers you, if you haven't been on in three months.

Their new fee structure was the last straw. It really seems like I can do just as good downloading MP3s from Amazon, and only paying for stuff I actually want to buy. When I first signed up, back in 2001, eMusic was a pretty good deal -- 40 tracks a month for $10. And, back then, I was actually getting on there every month, downloading stuff, and listening to it. At this point, even though I'm not downloading as much, I find that I'm not even listening to a lot of the stuff I do download. Looking at my iTunes library, I see stuff I downloaded in 2008 that I haven't listened to yet.

There's some good articles about eMusic up on PaidContent, if you want to look back at some of the changes they've made over the last couple of years.


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