Thursday, December 16, 2010
done with delicious
Well, I decided not to mess around, and just jumped straight into a different bookmarking service. I set up a new account with Pinboard. They charge a small fee to set up an account, and they have a weird way of calculating that fee -- it rises as more people sign up for accounts. I think a lot of other people were jumping over from Delicious today too: I saw the fee rise from $7.50 to $7.57 over the course of about an hour.
My bookmarks are currently being imported. They have a note up at their import page, saying that it may take a while, due to all the new people signing up today. Imagine that.
I have a separate Delicious account set up on my work computer, since I like keeping work bookmarks at least somewhat separate from home bookmarks. (I use to Delicious "for:" tags to share between the work and home accounts.) I'm not sure if I'll just use the same Pinboard account for everything, set up a new Pinboard account at work, or try a completely different service at work. I might try importing my work account into Google Bookmarks or XMarks and see how that goes.


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