Tuesday, November 09, 2010
syncing BlackBerry and Mac
I've been using Missing Sync with my BlackBerry Storm, just to sync my contacts and calendar from my Mac. I've had problems with it, on and off, but it's mostly worked OK. Since I've switched to the new MobileMe Calendar though, the calendar sync doesn't work anymore. Mark/Space has a KB entry acknowledging this, but there's no indication that they're planning to fix the problem.

I'm eligible for a "new every two" discount from Verizon soon, and I'm wondering if I should stick with BlackBerry. If Verizon really does get the iPhone, that would really simplify the sync situation for me. On the other hand, if I switch to an Android device, that'll make it more complicated. I've been playing around with options for syncing iCal and Address Book on the Mac with Google contacts and calendars. It turns out to be really easy to sync the address book with Google -- the option is right there in the preference screen. There's no such option in iCal, but it seems like I ought to be able to subscribe to a MobileMe calendar in Google calendar, though I apparently would have to make the calendar public to do that.

I'm wondering if Spanning Sync would be worth looking into. It's kind of expensive for what it does though. And I occasionally think I should switch over to using the calendar that comes with my Backpack account. I could use that as the source, and subscribe to it in iCal and Google.

Meanwhile, I've ordered my usual Moleskine calendar for 2011.

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