Wednesday, April 28, 2010
new desktop computer
Yesterday, I bought myself a new desktop computer from Woot. It's an HP Pavilion p6320y with 8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and an AMD quad-core processor. The power supply is a little iffy, as is the on-board video, but I think I can live with that for now.

My current desktop machine is in a Falcon Northwest case, but now contains a hodge-podge of parts purchased from Newegg over the years. (I think the only thing left of the original machine is the case and the floppy drive.) Most of what's in there was purchased in January 2006, so I'm more than overdue for a new machine. I was originally going to keep this case and just swap in a new motherboard & processor again, but the deal on Woot was good, and it'll be easier to migrate to the new machine this way (since I can theoretically switch back and forth between the two until I've got everything moved over).

I may need to finally retire my HP DeskJet 520 printer now. The new machine won't have a parallel port. Even though the 520 is about 15 years old, it's still working (mostly), so I'm not that excited about tossing it, really. Even if I had the parallel port, though, I'm not sure Windows 7 still has a driver for it. (My current machine is running 32-bit Vista, and the new one will have 64-bit Windows 7.)

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