Sunday, March 21, 2010
.Net code access security

I got through two-thirds of chapter 11 in my 70-536 book today. This chapter covers application security, which is a pretty big topic, and one with which I'm not that familiar. Looking around for other reading material, I realized that Juval Lowy's book Programming .NET Components has a chapter on security. I bought this book for the advanced .Net class I took at NYU last year, but never read far enough into it to get to that chapter. That seems to be the only book I have that covers application security though.

Looking around on the web, I see that Microsoft is dropping CAS in .Net 4.0, so I guess I'm learning this stuff just in time for it be replaced with something else. This blog entry at the .Net security blog has a bit more info on the .Net 4.0 CAS situation.


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