Saturday, February 27, 2010
productive day
I think I had a pretty productive day, for a Saturday.  I got my laundry done, then drove down to Whiting. Down there, I shoveled snow, packed up all my Mom's clothes and got them into a donation box, threw away two large garbage bags full of stuff, went through the pantry, threw some bad stuff out and bagged up some good stuff to bring back home, then found all my Dad's old slides and bagged them up to take home. 

After I got home, I went through all the slides, counted them up, got them into a big box, and sent them off to ScanCafe. I had about 700 slides, so it's going to cost me around $250 to get them all scanned in.  Most were 35mm, but some were an odd format that's going to cost a bit extra to scan.  Once I get the scanned images back on DVD, I'm planning on uploading a bunch of them to Flickr.  Maybe not all 700, but who knows.  Just looking at a small sampling of the slides, my Dad seems to have quite a few really old slides that I don't remember ever having seen before, some of them going back to the 40's, I think.


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