Thursday, February 11, 2010
Since I was doing a bunch of other stuff on the blog anyway, I decided to go ahead and sign up to put AdSense on my blog.  I don't expect to make any money off it, but I was curious about it, so I thought I'd give it a try.  There was some weirdness going on at first, but I've figured out what was causing it -- Adblock Plus.  Duh.  The AdSense page at Google is pretty much nonfunctional if you've got ABP installed and enabled in Firefox.  And, of course, it blocks the ads that are being put on my page, so  I can't see them.  Oops.  I disabled it, and now I can access the AdSense site, and I can see the little ads Google is putting on my page.  By default, the ads were appearing at the top of the page, above the blog posts, so that was kind of ugly.  I moved the code to the bottom of the page, so the ads will appear down there now.


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