Sunday, June 14, 2009
So I went into work on Friday and found out that there was an anime convention going on at the Expo Center across the street from my office building. And more interestingly, they were using part of the first floor of our building too. So, we got to watch cosplayers wandering around in our lobby all day. Cool.

I had to work this weekend anyway, so I went to the con (AnimeNEXT) after work yesterday and today. There was a lot of stuff going on. They were using space at the Expo Center, the Doubletree hotel, and the Doubletree "training center" in our building. I picked up some random toys and candy in the dealers room, and the Samurai 7 box set. I paid $40 for the box, which seemed like a good deal at the time, until I got home and checked Amazon, where they have it for $26. Oh well. It usually turns out that Amazon is the best place to get anime or manga, though it's more fun to come home from a con with a few things in my backpack, even if I overpaid for them!

The space in our building was being used for video rooms. They had 5 rooms going, and they were showing some good stuff. I didn't catch anything new and great, though. (I remember discovering great stuff like Master Keaton in the video rooms at San Diego.) I kind of like the idea of having a bunch of anime video rooms running in my office building, so I can just go downstairs and watch some Eva any time I'm feeling stressed at work. Maybe I can just hide some DVDs in the server closet.


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