Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I just bought a supporting membership to Anticipation, the upcoming Worldcon. I'm not actually going to the con; I just bought in so I could get the Hugo packet, a zip file full of stuff that's been nominated for Hugos this year. And, of course, if I manage to read through enough stuff before the voting deadline, I'll actually be able to vote on the Hugos, which is kind of cool.

I haven't read any of the stuff (novels, short stories, or anything in between) that's been nominated this year, though all of the nominated novels have been on my mental "someday/maybe" reading list. I just started reading the PDF of The Graveyard Book, and I'm enjoying that about as much as I'd expected to, given that it's written by Neil Gaiman. The other stuff in the packet is in a hodgepodge of different formats -- PDF, HTML, and RTF mostly. The HTML and RTF files are pretty easy to load onto the Kindle; PDF files are sometimes fine, and sometimes not so good. I'm not even sure when the Hugo voting happens. Obviously, it's got to be before the con, which is in August. So, I've got myself a bunch of stuff to read on the Kindle this summer!

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