Monday, February 09, 2009 - Amazon Raises an E-Book Specter
Here's a story from the WSJ with some more details on the next version of the Kindle: "Amazon is unveiling a new version of its Kindle e-book reader, and possibly an exclusive agreement for a Stephen King work." Interesting.
I'm not too enthusiastic about the idea of exclusive content on the Kindle, or any other e-book reader. I don't mind the idea of a new book being released for the Kindle before it's published in physical form, though. That even kind of makes sense, since you can publish for the Kindle much faster than you can print actual books and ship them out to stores and all that. And maybe a publisher could use Kindle book sales as an indicator of how popular a book is going to be, and hence make judgements about the size of a print run.
This story doesn't have much info, or any photos, about the actual hardware. I've seen new photos elsewhere on the web though. I'm still not seeing anything in the new Kindle that'll make me want to toss my old one. Hopefully, we'll get full details later today.

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