Monday, February 16, 2009
.Net books
The instructor for my NYU .NET class listed three books on his syllabus. Programming C#, by Jesse Liberty, is the main book for the class. CLR Via C# by Jeffrey Richter is an optional book, as is Programming .NET Components, by Juval Lowy.
I bought all three of these books the old-fashioned way: from Amazon, in dead tree form. I have an older edition of the Liberty book, but I don't have any edition of the other two, and I think they'll come in handy.
None of these books is available on the Kindle, by the way, though the Liberty book is available as a DRM-free e-book directly from O'Reilly. Of course, the e-book costs $40, while the hard copy from Amazon is only $31.50. Oh, and the Juval Lowy book is available through the limited Safari subscription I get through ACM, though I didn't figure that out until I'd bought the hard copy.
I actually haven't bought any computer books in a while, so I was due to plunk down some money and (hopefully) spend some time reading. The last time I remember buying anything was after VS 2005 and .NET 2.0 came out.

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