Thursday, November 20, 2008
Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
I recently pickep up a Dazzle Video Creator Platinum from Woot. My idea was that I'd take the last few videotapes I own, convert them to MPEG-4, then toss the tapes and the VCR. I had a bit of an adventure getting the software installed and working under Vista. This blog entry helped out a bit. It would be nice if Pinnacle would just allow you to download the full install for their Vista-compatible software, but instead you have to stumble through the install of the XP version, then run a patch install. Once you've got that done, and you've got the Vista driver for the device installed, it works fine. I'm in the middle of converting an old anime VHS tape to MPEG-4 right now. I'm hoping it'll be watchable on my Apple TV when I'm done with it. If it all works out OK, I have a few other random tapes to convert, then I'm done with VHS forever.

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