Sunday, September 21, 2008
more Apple TV fun
I'm still struggling with my Apple TV. I got an initial sync (with my desktop PC) done only by hooking up the Apple TV to my network with an Ethernet cable. I couldn't get it to work over wireless, no matter what I tried. I came across a good article on the way Apple TV tends to behave more like a computer (with all the usual problems) rather than a consumer electronics device. Good quote: "Whereas most CE A/V products just sit there and work, Apple TV is high-maintenance, demanding too much attention, updating, troubleshooting and overall spoon-feeding."

After the initial sync, I switched back to wireless, and I have been able to sync a few things down to it, though it hasn't been trouble-free. I've also been experimenting with streaming stuff from my MacBook to the Apple TV. I managed to watch an hour-long video podcast with no problems, but then I started experiencing problems with much smaller files. Weird. I played around today some more, and I've discovered that I can stream stuff from the MacBook fine, if it's connected to my network via Ethernet cable. (The Apple TV doesn't need to be wired, just the MacBook.) Again, kind of weird.

On the Apple discussion boards, I've seen three solutions to the Apple TV wireless problems that would probably work:
(1) Leave it hooked up via an Ethernet cable, and forget about using it wirelessly.
(2) Throw your WRT54G router away and get a new one.
(3) Load an alternate firmware on your router, such as DD-WRT.

I'm not real keen on any of those, though I wouldn't mind having an excuse to try out DD-WRT. I'm a little worried that I might brick my router if I do that, but it's only a $50 router, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if it happened. Maybe I'll be doing that later this week.

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