Saturday, June 28, 2008
Tales of HDMI joy and woe
I've been slowly getting all the pieces together to get my new TV working well. I went out to my local Cablevision office today and traded my old cable box in for an HD box. My plan for the new box was going to be to hook it up directly to the TV via HDMI, then hook up the S-Video output on the box to my Tivo, so I could continue to record standard def stuff on the old Tivo. (I'm not quite ready to pop for a Series 3 Tivo yet.)
I wound up having a problem with this setup, that's reasonably well-described here. I had to switch from HDMI to component. The picture's still really good. And, surprisingly, the S-Video output to the Tivo seems to be way better than the S-Video output from the old box.
So now I'm set up to watch football next season in HD, though I won't be able to use the Tivo functionality on it, unless I switch back to the standard def output. I guess that's a good compromise until I'm ready to pop for the Series 3 Tivo.
I also hooked my HD-DVD player up via HDMI yesterday. I watched a couple of movies on that yesterday & today, and they look great.
So, now I've got the PS3 and HD-DVD player on HDMI, the Wii and cable box on component, the Tivo on S-Video, and the old PS2 on composite. I'll probably retire the PS2 soon, since I also just got the little box I need to transfer my PS1 and PS2 game saves over to the PS3. Assuming Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X work OK on the PS3, I think I can get rid of the PS2. That'll be something else to sell on eBay, I guess.


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