Sunday, June 15, 2008
San Diego
There's a great post over at The Beat on the San Diego con. It includes a short interview with David Glanzer. Some of the comments are worth reading too. As expected, four-day badges are sold out, and one-day badges will likely sell out too.

I think the con experience will be a little different for me this year, since I'm staying at a hotel that's not in a reasonable walking distance of either the con or downtown. Since it won't be easy for me to pop back and forth to the hotel during the day, I'll probably wind up spending either more time in the convention center, or more time in the hotel. (I get the feeling that once I'm back in the hotel at night, I probably won't want to bother making the trip back out to the convention center again for any late-night activities.)

Given the size to which the con has grown, I'm probably going to try to concentrate on stuff that's outside the mainstream, and maybe look for some interesting off-site events, like the Rifftrax event I blogged about previously.

I'm actually wondering if there will be a lot of no-shows for the con this year, given the cost of gas, and the general state of the economy. Anyone who waited until just recently to book air travel may be having second thoughts, for instance. And I can imagine some local California folks who would normally drive to the con from, say, the LA area, skipping it this year.

Well, either way, I'm sure it will be interesting, and (as usual) a great change of pace from NJ in July!

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