Sunday, May 11, 2008
Wow, I'm not sure if my domain is still going to be mine tomorrow! I just checked my Yahoo mail account, and saw an e-mail notification that it expires today, 5-11-08. I don't actually check my Yahoo mail account that often, since it mostly just seems to be a spam attractor. I do use my Yahoo address on my DNS account, since I didn't want my gmail address out there for everyone to see. E-mail address harvesting from DNS info has become enough of a problem, I guess, that you can usually give your domain registrar a different e-mail address for them to use for billing e-mails, rather than just using the one listed in your DNS contact info. And I think are ways to have your DNS contact info completely private now too. So, I guess I should look into that, so I don't miss the renewal e-mails I should be getting in May 2010. That's assuming the two-year renewal I just put in for goes through, and I get to keep my domain name!
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