Wednesday, April 23, 2008
weird WSJ news
Some weird Wall Street Journal news this week. First, editor Marcus W. Brauchli is resigning, which looks like it will just speed up the changes that have been going on with the WSJ since Rupert Murdoch took over. Newsweek has a fairly lengthy story this week about Murdoch's plans for the Journal, which include adding more political and general-interest news, and generally trying to make the paper more of a competitor with the NY Times.

There's a fun little parody of the WSJ available here. (The Times has an article about it here.) I'll have to see if I can pick this thing up the next time I'm in New York.

I still find the WSJ to be a useful paper, and I'm not regretting renewing my subscription last year. I largely ignore the editorial pages. Mostly, I just read the business news and some of the oddball stuff they tend to throw in. (For instance, today's paper has a front-page article about opera prompters.) It sounds a bit like Murdoch might cut down on the quirkier articles, which would really be a shame, but we'll see what happens there.
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