Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Randy Pausch
I blogged about Randy Pausch's Last Lecture back in September. (Well, I just linked to the video. I didn't really say anything about it.) He's now got a book available, based on that lecture. It's available from Amazon, in hardcover, Kindle, and audio CD versions. And the audiobook is also available from iTunes. There's also a page up at the Carnegie Mellon site, with links to various versions of the original lecture (DVD, PDF transcript, etc) and other related links. I guess this all took off after ABC aired a special on him about a week ago.

The whole "inspirational" thing makes me kind of queasy, especially when people like Oprah and Diane Sawyer get involved. But, hey, Randy's a computer science guy, so it's OK for me to be interested, right? I'll probably read a sample of the book on my Kindle, and if it doesn't look like it's just the lecture, padded out to fill a book, then I'll shell out the $10 and read the whole thing. Or maybe I should buy the hardcover through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network site, so they get a few bucks from it.


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