Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Last Lecture
I bought The Last Lecture in Kindle format a few days ago. I'm almost done reading it. It's a pretty good read. Lots of short chapters, mostly random anecdotes from Randy Pausch's life. There's nothing in the book that's likely to change my life, I think, but just a lot of interesting little insights, and some fun stories.
This is also the first book I'm reading, in its entirety, on the Kindle. It's been a pretty smooth reading experience. Certainly no worse than reading an old-fashioned paper book, but not necessarily any better. Of course, there are some photos in the book, and they really don't look at all good on the Kindle, so that's a concern. In the future, I'll probably avoid buying any book for the Kindle if I know it's heavy with photos or other graphics.

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