Thursday, April 17, 2008
There was an article on CNET today about Bookmooch. This is a book-trading site, basically, similar to LaLa or Peerflix, only for books. The setup is pretty simple. You get a point for every book you send out; every book you "mooch" from someone else costs a point. You get a tenth of a point just for listing a book in your inventory. So I got one point by listing ten books, and now I've got a William Gibson novel on its way to me. And I'm sending out a Star Wars novel, so that gets me another point. I don't know if this will result in overall fewer books in my apartment, or more books, but if nothing else, I'm at least moving some stuff around.

If this works right, this should be a widget showing some of the books I've listed:

Trade your books at


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