Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Amazon - used books
Just for yuks, I put a couple of old books up for sale on Amazon today. Apparently, this is my storefront. (Impressive, huh?)

Looking at the way they handle used book sales, and looking at all the folks selling their books for a penny, there's really no way for an individual small-time seller to make any money selling readily-available books.

I put my books up at $1. Amazon apparently takes a minimum $2.50 commission, but they credit you $4 for shipping. So, the end result is that I would get $2.50 total, which would have to cover my shipping costs. It looks like a one-pound media mail shipment costs $2.13 now, so that doesn't leave much room for profit. Since they don't charge for listing stuff, though, I guess it doesn't hurt to list some stuff and see if anybody bites.


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