Sunday, January 20, 2008
too many comics
I just cross-filed the last two months worth of my Westfield shipments into my "to be read" pile. I'm embarrassed to say that, if I were to make one big pile of comics I'm waiting to read, that pile would be three and a half feet tall. (I've actually got all this filed into a foot-long box, a two-foot pile, and a six-inch pile. A 3.5 ft pile would be kind of dangerous.) I'm gradually cutting back on my Westfield orders. I've got 21 books total on this month's order, which is a bit less than what I was getting a year ago (28 books on my January 07 order), for instance. And I'm pretty sure I'm not signing up for any weekly books after Countdown is finished, though I don't know if DC is planning a new weekly book anyway. Either way, that'll knock 4 books a month off the total.

Meanwhile, I picked up four trades at Waldenbooks today, since the store in the Bridgewater Commons is closing (as, apparently, are most Waldenbooks) and they had everything on sale for 40% off. I've got a pretty big stack of trades to read through too, so I didn't really need four more, but hey, 40% off is pretty good, right? I picked up Black Dossier, which looks to be pretty deep and fairly strange, just judging it based on a quick look. And I picked up Buffy Omnibus 1 and the season eight Long Way Home trade. Mind you, I haven't actually watched the season 7 DVDs, so I won't bother reading the season 8 stuff until after I've done that, which probably won't be for another year or two.

The fourth book I picked up was the first Moon Knight trade from the Charlie Huston run. I've been curious about that, but just hadn't gotten around to picking it up. (I was a big fan of Doug Moench's run on Moon Knight from back in the eighties.)

So, to sum up, I still have quite a lot of comics and graphic novels to read! I think I need to be careful about what I buy at WonderCon next month.


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