Saturday, December 15, 2007
random stuff
I haven't gotten around to blogging in the last couple of weeks. Things have been pretty hectic. I'm trying to relax right now, so I thought I'd just write up a few random bits.

I picked up a TomTom One LE GPS unit at Best Buy last week. I don't really need a GPS often. Most of my driving is just back and forth to work. But, it will definitely come in handy once in a while. I used it today to help me find my way to my friend Paul's house in New York. I've been there before, but not recently. The GPS was definitely a help. In particular, there's one point where I need to make a turn onto a side street that's pretty well hidden, until you're right on top of it. The GPS takes care of that nicely by announcing the turn in advance, then again when you're right there. It really makes things easier.

I've been working my way through the Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde. I'm on the third book now, Well of Lost Plots. It's starting out quite nicely. I'm really enjoying these books. Lots of fun, weird, stuff.

I installed the trial version of VMware Fusion on my MacBook yesterday, and installed Windows XP into a virtual machine. It works pretty well. It's a little slow, but a lot better than previous virtual machine products that I've used on the Mac. (Of course, this is the first time I've used an Intel Mac, so right there you've got a major advantage.) Oh, and I've got to say, I think it's time for Windows XP SP3. I installed XP with SP2, and had 90 patches to install from Windows Update. Hey Microsoft, isn't that enough patches to warrant a service pack? That's one of the nice things about Apple that we maybe take for granted. OS X 10.4 went from 10.4.0 to 10.4.10, and each of those point releases is cumulative, so you never have too many individual patches to install on a Mac.

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