Friday, September 07, 2007
post 1001 - inbox zero
When I left work today, I'd gotten down to about 10 messages in my Notes inbox. Everything else was filed away into appropriate folders. I decided to pull up Notes on my iBook just now, and clear out the rest of my stuff. I have now achieved an empty inbox, for probably the first time since 1997, when we first installed a Notes server. Yay!

I did a pretty good weekly review today too. Probably closer to an ideal weekly review than I've done before, but still not quite what I should be doing.

On an unrelated topic, I picked up the Heroes season one DVD set today at Target. I was trying to resist it, since I already have all the episodes on my computer via iTunes, but Target had a special edition set with four notecards illustrated by Tim Sale, and I'm a sucker for Tim Sale stuff.

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