Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Life on Mars playlist
Life on Mars is a great little show on the BBC. I think season two is supposed to air on BBC America soon. They use a lot of great old 70s rock on the show, so, since I've been messing around with iMixes, I decided to try and create an iMix with all the music from season one. I used the episode guide on the BBC site to get the names of all the songs they used -- there's about 50 songs, over just eight episodes. Some are well-known, like "Baba O'Riley" and "White Room", some are a bit more obscure. I managed to create an iMix with 45 of the songs. Here it is:

I only had about 5 of these songs in my collection already. I used up the last of my iTunes credit to buy a few more of them, and I'll probably buy the rest by cashing in some American Express points for a new iTunes credit.

Listening to some of this stuff, I've definitely gained some new respect for bands like Thin Lizzy, T-Rex, and Deep Purple. Go ahead, laugh all you want, but this stuff is fun to listen to!

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