Sunday, September 02, 2007
blog changes
Not that anyone's going to be that interested in this, but I made a couple of changes to the sidebar on this blog today. First, I removed the Technorati and Spurl widgets. I guess I never really figured out what the point of Technorati was, and the little widget I had on the side didn't seem to serve much of a purpose.

Spurl, on the other hand, is a great web-based bookmark manager. Unfortunately, it appears to be a zombie site at this point; it's still up and running, but at reduced functionality, and, looking at their user forums, it doesn't appear that anyone's minding the shop -- there's nothing but link spam in the forums right now. I'm still using Spurl, but I'm thinking about dropping it, since it's probably going to disappear at some point. (I have a mental image of Spurl running on a server in a closet somewhere that everyone's just forgotten about. At some point, the hard drive will die, or someone will find it and unplug it, and that'll be the end of that.)

I've replaced the Spurl widget with a linkroll. I think that's a little more representative of what I'm bookmarking lately.

And I reformatted the tag list. It used to be a bulleted list. Now it's just the keywords separated by slashes. I just wanted to make it more compact, so you could see it all together easily.

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