Wednesday, August 29, 2007
inbox (not quite) zero
The last time I blogged about GTD, I was down to 632 messages in my inbox. I got that down to 92 today, probably the first time it's been under 100 in a long while. (It's back *over* 100 now, of course, but hopefully I'll get it cleaned up a bit more tomorrow.) Meanwhile, I've been using the To-Do section of my mail file to track my projects and next actions and whatnot. That's working out OK, but it's not the most flexible system I could have. I may go back to the GTD for Lotus Notes database, and give that another try.

And I watched Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero video this week. There's not much new there, really, for anyone who's already well-versed in GTD, but it's interesting. I'd recommend watching it, if your inbox is a bit out of control and you're looking for some help.


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