Monday, July 16, 2007
I got my Verizon bill today, the first bill since I got my new phone. Hoo boy. I've been on a $15, 25 minute per month, plan for the last few years, and that's generally been enough time for me. Sometimes I go a bit over, but usually not by more than a few minutes.

I went a little nuts with the new phone though, and racked up $75 in additional charges. Since it looks like I'm already well over the 25 minutes for this month, too, I've decided to switch to the $40 plan, which gives me 450 minutes. That ought to cover any ridiculous amount of phone usage I can manage, and it'll let me use Mobile Web with (relative) abandon.

The $15 plan, though, was some kind of special plan that I'll probably never be able to get back into, though, so that's a bit of a pain. And I've always been kind of proud to have a calling plan that was cheaper than anyone else's. Well, I knew it wouldn't last forever!


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