Saturday, July 28, 2007
comic-con Saturday
Once again, I seem to find myself back in my hotel room early. I went to Mark Evanier's "Quick Draw" and "Cartoon Voices" panels this morning. Both were great. Neither was overcrowded, or hard to get into. There was a DC panel right after the Cartoon Voices panel, in the same room, and I was going to stay for that, but I decided to make a trip to the bathroom, then try to get back into the room. That was a mistake; there was a big line to get into the room, so I gave up and wandered the floor a bit. Then, I went upstairs to try and get into a different panel, but I got there a few minutes late, and they'd filled the room already. I wandered around some more, then decided to go for a late lunch. I got myself a turkey sandwich and a beer, then headed back to the hotel, and here I am, blogging and enjoying the peace and quiet.

There's an interesting article about the fire marshall over at Sign On San Diego. The photo they ran with it is a bit misleading, though. At first glance, it looks like she's dressed as Prof. McGonagall. When you look at the picture more closely, though, you realize that she's in the background, wearing her uniform, and the woman in the foreground is a random Harry Potter fan. (They couldn't have managed a picture with the subject of the article in the foreground?) Either way, they're doing a pretty good job of crowd control at the con, given the circumstances. I have to admit that I long for the days when I could just walk into any random panel five minutes late, and still get a good seat, though.

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