Tuesday, June 12, 2007
12 Byzantine Rulers
For some reason, I was thinking today about an article I read some time ago, about a series of pocasts on some area of history. After a bunch of searching, I think this was the article. It's about a podcast on the history of the Byzantine Empire. This series has been mentioned in a few different places, so the Times article may or may not be where I heard of it. Either way, it's something different to listen to, whenever I get tired of tech and comic book podcasts.

I was looking around a bit today at the stuff on iTunesU, and some of that might be interesting too. I listened to parts of a few random lectures; most of them sound like... college lectures. I suppose that's not a bad thing, necessarily, but it's not compelling "daily commute" listening. I'm tempted to listen to this Data Structures course from Berkeley, just to refresh my memory on this stuff. Maybe I can find a class on design patterns. I'm too old to have learned that stuff in college; design patterns didn't really take off until about five years after I graduated. (Gotta keep learnin'!)


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