Wednesday, May 09, 2007
my robot brain needs beer.
At work today, I got rather overwhelmed at one point, and the phrase "my robot brain needs beer" just popped into my head unbidden. Checking the internet (of course), I see that it is a phrase uttered by Machine Man (aka Aaron Stack) in Warren Ellis' excellent Nextwave series. Googling that phrase returns a whole barrel full o' hits. Apparently, the phrase has become a bit of an internet meme or something. Looking through the first few pages of hits, I couldn't find a scan of a panel with Aaron actually *saying* the phrase though. Disappointing. I was hoping to find something to use as my wallpaper. If you look through the various entries that come back on that search, however, you will find a bunch of interesting stuff. For instance, Adam Warren's DeviantArt page!


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