Friday, May 18, 2007
more iTunes silliness
I preordered the new Wilco album from iTunes a couple weeks ago. It was released this week, so I went into iTunes to download it, but I kept getting an error 5002. I contacted support, and found out that there's a really weird bug in the iTunes store: if you've got song credits (as opposed to dollar credit) in your account, you can't download a pre-ordered album! How weird is that? The support guy told me that if I used up all my credits, then downloaded the album, he'd then replace the credits for me. So, basically, I'm getting 21 free songs out of this bug.

I'd been meaning to download the Essental Gram Parsons collection, so I went ahead and did that. Unfortunately, that used up dollar credit instead of song credits for some reason. It's not an album, just a collection of songs, so I don't see why the "buy all songs" button wouldn't use song credit before dollar credit, but that's what it did. So, I then decided to download the Essential Ryan Adams and Essential Sol Volt collections too (just the "basics" part, not the whole thing), but I did it song by song, so I'd use up the song credit.

So now I've got quite a pile of alt-country (and related) stuff -- Wilco, Son Volt, Ryan Adams, and Gram Parsons! A lot of stuff to listen to. I haven't heard from the support guy about putting those credits back in my account, but I'm assuming that'll happen by Monday.

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