Friday, May 18, 2007
GTD and Lotus Notes
I downloaded the GTD and Lotus Notes guide from DavidCo today. I'm not quite sure if was worth $10 for a thirty-odd page PDF file, but the system it laid out made some sense. There's another system available here that might be better, and doesn't cost anything, though.

One hang-up I've always had with any kind of productivity system is that so much of my "stuff" lives in Lotus Notes e-mail. I've looked into ways to embed links to Notes documents into an external system, but I've never found a good way. Notes doclinks work great in Notes, but if you try to paste one into, for instance, OneNote, you just end up with a little block of XML. (I know that I can save the doclink to a file, then attach the file to another application, but it's not real useful for me if I need to go through that extra step.)

Well, I haven't gotten past chapter 3 in the GTD book yet anyway, so I probably shouldn't be worried about implementation details like this yet.

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