Friday, February 23, 2007
I hooked up my new 500 GB external drive to my desktop computer today, so I'll be ready to try a full backup tomorrow. I'm probably going to take my old 100 GB drive and use it to do full backups on the new Vista laptop and my old iBook. I'm not sure if I really want to keep that drive though; I don't really have any place to keep it. (I'm just running out of room in my apartment!)

I also figured out that the DVDs I used to backup my Vista laptop at work yesterday were probably DVD+R (rather than DVD-R), which may explain why they worked while my DVD-R media wouldn't. Maybe the drive just doesn't work well with DVD-R? I've seen reference to the idea that DVD+R is more reliable, but that was on Wikipedia, so who knows it that's accurate.

If I can manage to get my full backup(s) done tomorrow, then I can finally get around to installing Office 2007 on both my desktop and laptop. Maybe I can get some of the other installs I need to do on the laptop done too. Of course, I'd really like to get out of the apartment for a little while this weekend!

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