Saturday, February 24, 2007
desktop Vista upgrade?
Just for yuks, I re-ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor on my desktop machine. It seems that a few of the issues that were present the last time I ran it have been straightened out. And those that the advisor still listed are probably correctable. There are drivers for my scanner and audio card now. And there are new versions of Nero and Retrospect, which are really the only incompatible software packages on my system.

This leaves me in the frightening position of being able to upgrade this box to Vista, if I really want to. I wasn't planning on upgrading this thing to Vista any time soon, but now I'm tempted. Especially since I just did a full backup. I really think I need to resist the urge for another few months though. I've got the new laptop to use to learn Vista, and there's really no reason I need it on the desktop. I can wait for other people to work through some more of the oddball problems out there.


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