Friday, December 15, 2006
MacHeist thoughts
Here are a few random thoughts on the applications that are part of the MacHeist bundle (still on sale for another two days!):

Overall, I have no problem with the $49 price on the bundle. I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of Delicious Library, and I'll hopefully get some use out of NewsFire, DevonThink, Disco, or one of the other apps. There's been a lot of talk in the blogs this week about whether or not the MacHeist bundle was a good thing for Mac developers or not. Personally, I wasn't planning on spending any money on Mac shareware any time soon, so right there that's $49 into the Mac shareware "economy" that wouldn't have been there otherwise. I imagine a lot of other buyers fit into the same category. In terms of this thing driving upgrade sales, or sales of other products from the participating developers, I can certainly see that happening. I'll likely buy the upgrade to the next version of Delicious when it comes out. And I may upgrade to the next verison of DevonThink when it comes out, and/or switch to DevonThink Pro.


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