Monday, November 27, 2006
It's been a while since I posted anything about online bookmark managers. I'd pretty much settled on posting bookmarks to Spurl, then letting Spurl post them to This was working great for a while, but the integration in Spurl stopped working a week or two ago. A few people have posted about it in the forums, but nobody from Spurl has said anything about fixing it.
To get around having to either post everything twice, or give up either Spurl or, I've been looking for another way to post to them both at the same time. I found a site called OnlyWire. It looked legit, but I was initially wary of giving them the passwords to my Spurl and accounts. I gave it a shot, and it works OK. However, it turns out that their terms of service allow them to post sponsor links under your IDs. They say that they'll only do that once, but that's enough to make me want to avoid doing business with them. If you look at the "Hot Spurls" and "Just In" lists on the Spurl homepage, it looks like this service (and possibly others like it) have already polluted the bookmark pool, so to speak, to the extent that useful bookmarks are being pushed down the list in favor of sponsored links.
I'm starting to think now that maybe I can do something with Greasemonkey. I haven't really looked into creating Greasemonkey scripts, though, so I'll need to do some research first.


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