Saturday, April 08, 2006
I bought CounterSpy about a year ago. I used it on my home PC for awhile, but I started having problems with it at some point and uninstalled it. It's always worked fine on my laptop, though, so I figured it was probably something with the machine itself. Well, I've since replaced almost every part in that machine and reinstalled XP. I've been meaning to reinstall CounterSpy and try it out again, but I haven't had the time. I just realized that the one-year license was almost up, so I figured I should install it, see if it worked, and decide whether or not to renew the license. I gave it a shot, and, unfortunately, it appears to have screwed up my machine again. I had to uninstall it. I like the guys at Sunbelt, so I feel kind of bad about abandoning CounterSpy, but they just don't seem to have gotten their act together enough to produce a solid product that'll work on my computer without any trouble.

I've been looking around at other anti-spyware packages. PC Magazine has some good stuff on anti-spyware software. Spy Sweeper seems to be pretty popular, and well-reviewed. Really, I'm careful enough with my own computer that I probably don't need anti-spyware software, but it still seems like a good idea to have something. I could also just stick with Spybot S&D, which is pretty good for a free program.
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