Tuesday, April 18, 2006
getting rid of stuff
Of the 15 books I posted on eBay on Saturday, I've already sold two at the "Buy It Now" price. Only one other book has any bids on it, though. Hopefully, I can get rid of at least 5 books, if not 10 or 15, before the auctions close.

It's been a while since I've sold anything on eBay. I like a lot of the new features. The shipping calculator integrated into the listings, and the ability to pay for and print shipping labels on-line is great. I picked up a small scale at Staples, so I can make sure I've got the weights right. Now I don't need to go down to the post office at all. I can just weigh the package, print the label, and dump the thing in the mail. Nice.

I've sent out eight DVDs through Peerflix so far. I've received one DVD (Mystic River), and six more are on their way. The six DVDs coming in are not ones that were near the top of my want list. They're all basically what I'd consider second-tier titles. That's OK though, since that's basically what I was trading off.

I've also discovered, an independent discussion board site for Peerflix. There's some interesting discussion going on over there, along with some pretty esoteric stuff about people's preferences for mailers. A couple of Peerflix employees hop on the board now and again, so that's a good sign. A few people seem to be dead-set against the new "peermailer" system, where you just print out a template on two pieces of paper, then fold them into an envelope of sorts. Apparently, Peerflix used to send out envelopes, like Lala does.

I only just got the mailers from Lala, so I wasn't able to send anything out until today. I sent out 3 CDs, and I've now got 3 CDs coming in already. Two of the CDs I'm getting are titles that I have on casette; I'm trying to gradually replace all my old casettes and LPs with CDs (or digital files from iTunes or wherever), and Lala seems like a good way to do some of that.

So, in a nutshell, I'm gradually creating a bit more shelf space, without resorting to fire. With Peerflix and Lala, even though I'm probably getting in about the same number of titles I'm sending out, I'll still be clearing some space, since I'm tossing out some old clamshell and jewel cases. The new stuff will either go in paper envelopes or thin cases. And, for the DVDs at least, I'll probably trade some of them back out right after I watch them.


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