Friday, February 03, 2006
still working on it
I just did a few more things with the page. I got a little fancier with the layout on the left column, and I pulled most of the stuff in that column out of the Blogger template, and put it into a couple of SSI files. This way, all that code isn't repeated in every page, and I don't need to regen all the pages every time I change something over there. The one slight problem there is that I had to turn on SSI processing for all files. I added "AddHandler server-parsed .html" to the .htaccess file, so all the archive files and individual page files will be passed through the SSI parser. If theory, it's not a good idea to pass every page through SSI, but it's probably a worse idea to have a big chunk of the same code in every file. There's a useful page on this at, by the way.
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